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Center For Responsible Travel

Every year The Center for Responsible Travel (CREST ) emits it annual compilation of travel trends and statistics.
This is a great piece that gives dimension to the travel industry. 
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Big Green teaches children to grow their own food 

Kimbal Musk , yes that Musk, brother of Elon, started a program called the Kitchen Community Learning Gardens to teach city children the process of growing food. Now his organization is called Big Green and is in over 150 cities.

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Bamboo Straws

This first came out in Forbes in march 2019 .


How great no plastic in the supermarket. This is being repeated in Mexico with corn husks as plates in open market taquerias. 

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5 Countries Cutting Emissions & how they are going to do it 

What is on a country's list when they want to go forward with 

Sustainability & how they are doing it. A great article by The World Economic Forum .

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There is Hope & New Findings

Scientists thought some species had disappeared , and voila they are back ... Nature can be resilient and this is an article that gives hope and wonder and the resiliences of animals . Great CNN article 

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Plastics seem to Live Forever 

The World Economic Forum reminds us how long things stay in our oceans and places different countries as main culprits in a riveting article. 


ABC's of Responsible Travel

An A to Z Guide to Not Killing the Planet When You Travel , thanks to CONDE NAST TRAVELER , a reminder of all the things we can do when traveling that really add up to being a more Responsible. 


Turning Deserts into Green fertile land 

This company that has been very written up injects "nanoclay" into the sand effectively making the soil fertile & saving water. Interesting and proven examples are spectacular


Leather from Nopal Cactus

Now leather can be imitated by Nopal, and NO animals have to suffer !!


Transparent Solar Glass developed in 2014 ... so why isn't it everywhere?

Here is an interesting article describing the development of Solar Glass , dated 2014 (just click) . So now in 2020 we still do not see it around everywhere. Any thoughts? 

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