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After almost 40 years in tourism, running luxury hotels, marketing big chains and supporting CVB's and giving courses, it is now time to share what I have learned and help a whole new generation of tourism pros grow in their special roles. 

However, in the last 15 years finally Tourism has been challenged to change and wake up. Fortunately I was one of the lucky ones who opened her mind to this change. It no longer was just welcoming a visitor and giving your best, it become a demonstration of your efforts to keep your beautiful area as pristine as possible, so that they could return and find the same beauty year after year.

Now I have my own enterprise All Baja Solutions to help. I am also Vice Chair of the Board of Directors of CREST ( Center for Responsible Travel) . Now I  am dedicated to ensuring that all the hotel experience accumulated can be shared for a younger generation, and additionally that sustainability be included from the beginning so that we can together fine tune efforts to support conservation and the prevention of mindless contamination of our planet.


If you are curious , you will find my history  here. But what is most important is what I am doing now, and how I can help you with information and insights. If a hotel does not have an asset manager and an owner needs help , I am there. If a hotel needs to start demonstrating sustainable practices for guests or marketing reasons, I can help. If an owner is considering a change-over to a new management company , I can help . But overall, all these efforts have to be sustainable for the business and the community. Contact me: 

Thank you for believing that we can do good in the Travel Industry, because I will show you many examples of those who have and how to do it. 

Ella Messerli  / Chief Inspirer 

All Baja Solutions 

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