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Sustainability is no longer optional

And yet we still travel hoping to see wonders , Tourism before Covid employed 10% of the world workforce and contributed over 7 trillion USD to the world economy. Post covid we are still trying to see when, if ever, tourism will come back.

However, we should hope that tourism professionals, are now even more ready to protect and conserve their environment and lead the new generation of professionals. Now is the time to create new ideas and conversations that continue  inspire us to be hospitable yet still have a natural planet to be proud to show to visitors. However now more than ever , with Covid , it is our responsibility to show travelers how they can leave things better than they found them.

Ideas and experiences are meant to be shared. Here you will encounter what Tourism professionals around the world are doing to contribute and how to implement in your company. We just want you to have the tools, the rest will be up to you.

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